Remembrance Room

Within Skarrild-Karstoft Museum and Archives we have created a Remembrance Room in memory of the gallant crew of a Lancaster from No. 630 Squadron Royal Air Force who gave their lives for their countries and also so that we, in Denmark, could eventually live our lives in freedom.

In this room we have several bits from the Lancaster (ME 650) including part of a propeller ploughed up in 1974 from the field where it crashed after being shot down by a German night-fighter in the early hours of 27th August 1944. There are lots of books and pictures presented by the veterans who have participated in the annual wreath-laying ceremonies at the Flier-grave site in Skarrild Churchyard


Of the seven members of the Lancaster crew, four were RAF from Great Britain, two were RCAF from Canada and one RAAF from Australia. Flags of the Royal Air Force, Canada and Australia hang in this room where we also have for sale different booklets, folders and CD´s containing pictures, text and eye-witness stories about the aircraft crash.

 In 1991 the twin brother of the Australian crew-member died and, in accordance with his last wish, his ashes were brought from Australia by his son and buried in this same grave to lie alongside the remains of his long-lost brother.

Many visitors from Denmark and foreign countries come to see our Museum every year.

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